Religious Respect

I am a Christian. I love my atheist and agnostic friends. I have listened to Taoist thoughts. I’ve had discussions about fourth and fifth dimensions. Scientific evidence has surrounded me since I was a young child.

I know what I believe. I know what I stand for. And I’m glad you do too.

Of course we all think we are right…if we didn’t, then we truly don’t believe what we preach.

But, we should all respect one another. The basis of most religions is unconditional love and moral righteousness. How in good conscious can a person who claims to believe in such doctrines belittle someone else for their beliefs?

So when I say something about my faith, know that it is embedded into my core being. I couldn’t believe something else even if I tried. I have been exposed to several different religions, and I still come back to my faith.

Granted, I’m certainly not the most cookie-cutter southern Bible-belt Christian, but I know who my God is.

And I do respect you, but I do expect the same courtesy in return.

Don’t judge religions on the radicals or extremists. Most Christians don’t agree with Westboro Baptist Church. Most Muslims are not terrorists. Not every Jewish person disbelieves in Jesus. Atheists are not void of morals. Wiccans do not worship Satan. Most Evolutionists don’t believe we originated from apes. Similarly, being Christian does not mean being anti-science. There are so many misconceptions that hate originates from.

So, some advice from me, do your research. Learn about other religions and belief systems. Just because you don’t share others’ beliefs doesn’t mean you can’t respect them. You might be surprised that we aren’t so different after all.

In addition, if you are still searching for something to land on, that’s totally okay too. I absolutely despise the thought that someone can get their entire belief system from sitting and listening to someone else ramble on. Pick up a book. Attend a conference. Engage your peers in a discussion. These don’t have to be heated. Think of it as a learning experience. Visit different denominations. Attend various religious services. They are interesting. They are part of our world’s history. And I thrive on new knowledge.


Stay Classy,



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  1. snhthakare says:

    True , all religions preach love and respect 🙂 this bonds us together as human beings irrespective of religions

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