She is More Than a Cousin

I was blessed with both a sister and two brothers. I got the best of both worlds.

What I failed to realize is that I didn’t just have one sister, I had two. We don’t share a mom or a dad. But we share grandparents, and that’s enough for me.

She is my best friend. We have been hanging out for literally forever (we were born two months apart).

She is strong and independent. She works hard for her family and never seems to need help. She is basically wonder-woman and can do it all.

She calls at the right time and always answers when I need her. We are in a constant game of phone tag because our schedules never seem to coincide, but don’t worry, we always find time to catch up.

She is one of the most compassionate and dedicated people I know. She goes above and beyond for everyone. She is a true giver, and her humility pushes me to be better.

She breaks the stereotypes. She could have easily fallen down a reckless path, but she chose to ignore the obstacles and keep on the path that led her to be the badass she is today.

She’s open-minded and accepting. Her non-judgmental manner is inspirational.

She is beautiful. Inside and out, obviously.

Our inside jokes are endless. And she is really the only one who I can fuss about our family stuff too. She just gets it.

Secrets? Yea right. She knows them all, and I know hers. Yes, the kind we should probably have taken to the grave but had to tell SOMEONE. And you’re my someone.

Family events are never a bore. But they are a hot mess. And she revels in the excitement with me.

There are no boundaries in our honesty. She tells it like it is, and I to her.

These 23 years haven’t always been easy, but as we grew older, we grew closer. I now understand why God gave me you–He knew JaAnna couldn’t handle me alone!


Stay Classy,




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