Let’s Talk About It

For those of you reading this, I really don’t mean to offend you. I am also not advocating any kind of behavior. But these are the facts, and someone needs to say it.

Disclaimer: This information does not all come from personal experiences. I have several friends, both men and women, who have contributed their thoughts on this topic. This is a compilation. 

Let’s face it, people have sex. SHOCKER! I know.

and if you think that’s bad…A lot of people do it before they’re married and with more than one person! Whoa. I know. This must be hard news to hear.

| Don’t worry, there will be grief counselors waiting at the end of this post to assist you |

Sexual education has been (briefly) covered in most educational institutions in the years of adolescence. So, why then, are people still so incredibly irresponsible?

If you aren’t already aware, I am a HUGE advocate for birth control. Both men and women should take their sexual health into their own hands. If you’re going to do it, please just be smart about it. Eradicating STDs would not be that difficult if people just practiced safe sex (in my very unprofessional opinion).

It is interesting, however, that women are oftentimes (no, not all the time) expected to be the ones to be the protectors rather than men. Yes, men are encouraged to carry around protection, but women are expected to be on some form of contraceptive if they are sexually active. And, if a woman doesn’t want to use a second form of protection, the man rarely seems to care about using it, or at least this seems to be the consensus.

COURTESY INFORMATION: Saying, “but she said she was on birth control,” is absolutely NOT an excuse to not wrap it up before you hook up with someone, especially if you aren’t dating or they are a random person.

What if you caught something you couldn’t get rid of? Then, when you finally find the person that you want to be monogamous with, you have to explain to them that you have a disease that could have very well been prevented.

Additionally, if you are sexually active, please, for the sake of hoo ha’s everywhere, GET TESTED. I personally think it’s incredibly selfish not to. You wouldn’t want cooties, so why put someone else at risk?

I’ll leave this lovely opinion post here. Again, if you need assistance, grief counselors are waiting HERE.


Stay Classy…or at least SAFE,





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