Don’t be a Writer

I’ve always been a reader. Always.

Exhibit A

However, I haven’t always written. I was cursed with the handwriting of a second-grade boy who rushes through every assignment.

Needless to say, writing was not my favorite past-time or subject. I much preferred to solve math problems or read. What can I say? I ’twas but a nerd from a wee age. No shame in my lame game.

I thought I was a poor writer…until I stumbled upon a box of my old journals, essays, and research papers the other day. These journals began in kindergarten, while the papers are dated up until my graduation of college.

So, being the sentimental sap that I am, I went through and read all my scribbles from 5-year-old Sav to 22-year-old Sav. I must say, this was quite entertaining.

An excerpt from 1st grade: Prompt–If you could choose any other name, what would it be?

Mini-me’s answer: “I would not change my name. Savannah is a pretty name. It also means a grassy plain. And grassy plains are pretty too. It starts with an S. S is my favorite letter. Plus, my momma gave it to me so she must have thought it fit me. ”

Oh, you adorable logical thinking being, you. Apparently I’ve been a hot little mess since day one.

Moving forward, I realized that I’ve always enjoyed writing and putting my thoughts on paper, even if I didn’t realize I liked it at the time.

So, we come to this blog. I’ve been going at it for a few months now, and I must say I find it quite therapeutic. Putting my thoughts on (digital) paper helps me work through my thought processes, which are more often than not sporadic.

I obviously am not the most sane person, and, like most people, I have a few issues I’m not exactly comfortable with. But, what better way to deal with them than getting them out in the open?

I don’t write for others. I write for myself. Some of my posts are a bit more targeted at an audience, but others are personal.

“But, why do you air your dirty laundry and put your vulnerable self forward?”

Good question, reader. I am not a hidden person. I talk too much, and my conversations are filled with stories of my life–some of which are funny, boring, or even dark. I am not censored. I have no reason to shield my past from others. I am who I am. I couldn’t change if I tried.

Perhaps I should be a bit more candid, but I hope that maybe talking and writing about some of the topics in my past may help others understand me or understand those who have been through similar situations.

I don’t coin myself as a writer. I simply write

I am an advocate for writing. It’s hard to judge creativity on a scale of good to bad because we all enjoy different things.

So don’t be a “writer”…be writing.


Man, that William Faulkner guy really knew his stuff, right?

I write for expression. I write for clarity. I write for me.

And I hope along the way someone may enjoy my ramblings.


Stay Classy,



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