Brothers: Things you Should Know

Oh, brothers. You little hellions have been giving me a hard time since 1995.

I don’t tell you enough, but there are a few things you should know.

Know that I am never truly mad at you

You boys piss me off sometimes. You’re reckless, sassy, and occasionally just a bit too cocky. But, although I may seem it, I am never truly mad at you. How could I be when you’re my two favorite guys?


Know that I love you unconditionally

No matter what you do, the mistakes you make, or the words you may utter when you’re angry, I will always love you.


Know that I love when we wrestle

It’s fun and it keeps me young. It reminds me of when we were little. I love how playful you both are, and I’m glad you haven’t lost that since you’ve gotten older.


Know that, in all honesty, I think you are so much better than me

Now, don’t let this go to your heads, but I really do. You’re both so amazing, smart, funny, and overall just really bad ass people. You are more than I could ever be. Your genuine hearts and unrelenting honesty give me joy. You make me proud to call you my brothers.

Know that I think you’re hilarious

Albeit, sometimes a bit crass. You are immensely funny. I die laughing every time we hangout, and I have come to look forward to the stitches in my sides.


Know that I want great things for you

You both are more than capable of doing grand things. I want you to have everything you ever imagined wanting in life. I want nothing more than true happiness and fulfillment for both of you.


Know that I believe in you

You can do whatever you set your mind to. You are strong, kind, and two of the best people to ever have existed. I support you no matter what, and I know you can accomplish all things you desire.


Know that I am very impressed with how much you can eat

Legit, I don’t know how you do it. But, there is no one else I’d rather pig out with than you two. Forever my bottomless pits.


Know that I have your back

I would quite literally take a bullet for you. No one is allowed to mess with you, except me, of course.


Know that I take it personally when someone hurts you

Parents, girls, friends. It doesn’t matter. A fire of rage and protection gets lit inside of me anytime someone hurts you. You deserve the best in life, and I refuse to put up with anyone that tries to hinder you from that.


Know that I am always here for you

And when your hearts get broken, or you need a bit of advice or help, know that I am only a call away. You are immensely important to me, and I will drop anything to be there in your time of need.



Know that spending time with you brings me joy

I absolutely adore our time together. You make me laugh when I’m sad. You listen to my problems and give your candid advice. You make


Know that your hugs are the best

There’s something different about your hugs. My little (but much taller and bigger than I am) bros showing their sweet side. You make me feel comforted. And small. I feel protected and at peace.


Know that you can overcome any circumstance

You haven’t exactly been dealt the easiest cards in life, but you have played them very well. Don’t let anyone ever tell you you can’t do something. Because you absolutely can.


Know that being your sister is one of the biggest blessings in my life

I couldn’t have asked for better siblings. You guys are amazing, and I am overjoyed that i get to call you both mine!


Stay Classy,



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