Burdens of Being Blunt

There are sweet talkers. There are those who are passive-aggressive. There are those who sugar-coat. And then there are those who are part of this rare breed who can’t help but be up-front–let’s call these people blunt.

Being blunt may seem like the way to go, but it comes with several burdens.

People probably think you’re cruel, but you’re just honest. You most likely have to define the difference between being mean and being blunt on a regular basis.


Because people think you’re mean, they may very well think you’re two-faced. But we all know that’s not the case. If you have something to say, you give it to them straight.


The truth hurts, but you have to tell it.


You’re not Willy Wonka, so you refuse to sugar-coat things


You end up giving advice instead of just listening most of the time..


You can’t stand passive-aggressiveness


You know exactly what you stand for, and this can sometimes come off as haughty


You’re probably an acquired taste. You’re not every one’s cup of tea


People think they want to be your friend, until they realize just what you’re all about. You couldn’t hide the truth if you tried, or even if it hurts.


You aren’t afraid to be yourself

giphy (1)

And this makes you the “Disclaimer friend” of your group


Small talk irks you

small talk

Sarcasm is a second-language…who are we kidding..it’s your first. Because most people aren’t as blunt as you, you have acquired plenty of phrases and sayings as ammo to use when you need a solid sarcastic statement.


You can see right through bullshit..it sucks because we all want to be oblivious sometimes


You probably only have a few close friends because they have learned how to deal with you


Sensitive people give you anxiety…


Your filter is probably nonexistent, and you have a common case of foot in mouth because you can’t control your comments


“Haha…just kidding…” is common vocabulary..and you apologize A LOT. “Calm your tits, I’m just messing with you. Sorryyy.” This goes with the whole “people think you’re mean” notion. 


Also, I TOLD YOU SO is spoken too frequently…people should really start listening to you more often

giphy (1)


But regardless of the various burdens that come with this trait, you keep being your fabulous, truth-sharing self..


…even if it does get you into trouble sometimes.


Stay Classy,



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