Tell Me Tales

Before there were books, before there was even literacy, there were stories. Folktales and recounts of days past spilled out of mouths from elders and were passed down across generations. While most tales were lost in translation or given new meaning by each storyteller, the richness of this cultural phenomenon is impeccable.

One of my “sick day” movies (you know, when you can’t get out of bed so you just binge watch all the old movies that make you feel comfortable?) is Big Fish. One, Tim Burton. Two, storytelling. Favorite TV show? How I Met Your Mother. Why? It is literally nine seasons of a man telling stories.

The best way to learn is through stories. I fell in love with literature because of the aspects of the stories. Even when learning about math or science, the best way for me to remember something is through the story of how it came about.

I love stories. I love learning. I love getting to know the intricacies and inner workings of others. What makes you tick? What gets you motivated? What makes you get all up in your feels? Why are you the way you are?

So tell me tales. I want to hear the stories of your childhood. Tell me about your first kiss. Your first love. Your first memory. Have you broken a bone? How about the time you found out Santa wasn’t real? How did you get that weird scar on your hand?

I am genuinely fascinated in getting to know you–unless you are as dull as Debbie from “The Girl’s Room” (and I bet she even had some pretty great stories about eggs).



You’re awesome, and so are your experiences.

Share your stories.

Stay Classy,



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