Netflix and Chill is Sure to Kill

Don’t get me wrong….I LOVE cuddling and watching  movies or shows for hours at a time just as much as the next person.

The whole concept of hanging out and watching TV together is actually awesome. You get to lay around and do nothing. Throw in some comfy clothes, a cute boy, and junk food, and you have described euphoria when I’m feeling extra lazy.

But it’s nice to be wine and dined. And Netflix and Chill is surely killing our dating culture.

She’s probably looking for an excuse to slap on those heels she barely gets to wear with that hella cute dress she bought and has yet to take the tags off of. Let her get dolled up and put on her favorite lipstick, then show her off to the world. Take her for a walk by the river. Try out that fun restaurant you’ve been meaning to try. Take her stargazing. Go grab a drink at a bar.  Have a game night. Go to Karaoke. Hit the batting cages.

It doesn’t have to be superfluous or expensive. Actually, my favorite dates were probably the ones that cost little to nothing. It’s the thought that counts.

“When I was a young lass, I used to spend my days doing nothing with your dad and just watching TV. That’s it. That’s how we fell for each other.”

If this is the love story you want to tell your kids one day, then, please, by all means, continue to do nothing but Netflix and Chill with your lover.

But I know that I want an extravagant love. I crave adventure. I want to be challenged. I don’t ever want my relationship to be classified as boring. I want stories to tell. I aim to be the Ted Mosby every child deserves. And your significant other probably does too.

I know it’s hard to muster up the energy to go out especially after a long week of stress. It’s tempting to kick off your shoes, throw on some sweats, and not emerge from the cocoon you call your apartment until Monday morning. Fight this urge. Break from the unfortunate norm that is our current dating culture, and make her feel special.

Add some lovely memories to her thought bank. Do you want all of your stories together to be laying on the couch and watching tv? Or do you want memories worthy of being a series on TV?

Make your love a story worth telling.

Stay Classy,



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