Thankful for Thanksgiving

While many people rush straight from Halloween to Christmas, I like to take a breather and enjoy the in-between. Thanksgiving is arguably my favorite holiday….because who doesn’t love a day centered around food?

Why Thanksgiving? Because there’s no pressure of buying gifts. There’s delicious food and awesome family.

So here’s my favorite things about Thanksgiving

The food…

Yes, this is number one, AS IT SHOULD BE. This is the holiday where it is socially acceptable to eat a minimum of 6 meals in a single day. From the turkey to the potatoes, go ahead and wear your extra stretchy pants and pass the dishes around the table. No one’s judging. And if they do, remind them that sweet potato casserole is a thing. That should shut them up.


The family..

While this may be a love hate relationship for some, it’s still nice to get everyone together. This may be the only time of the year where all your family is gathered in one place. If you love spending time with your family, great. If not, at least you get some funny stories to tell your friends.


The games…

I love playing games, specifically those of the card genre. Phase 10, Gin Rummy,  and Spoons give me life. Yes, there has been blood in the past due to this tradition, but hey, it’s all in good fun.


The wine…

Because, let’s be honest, you knew this would be on my list. I have a reserved bottle just for Thanksgiving evening. It’s a must to unwind after a day with my kin.


The dessert…

Yes, this is separate from the food. The pies, the cakes, the cookies. If love was tangible, it would be in the form of dessert.


There is always something to be thankful for.


Now, if you’ll excuse me, I am scheduled to eat my 15th piece of pie momentarily.


Stay Classy,




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