23 Things You Realize by 23

23 is pretty much the freshman year of being an adult. You’re somewhere stuck between “I’m an adult and I’m free” and “I’m an adult, but I feel like a teenager and I hate responsibility…and bills”… You don’t know what you’re doing with your life, and it’s tempting to just crawl up in your bed and watch Netflix for the rest of eternity..

But you won’t. Because you have definitely realized a few things by 23 that are valuable.

1.True friends are hard to come by


People suck, but sometimes you find a few that are awesome. Keep them close.

2. Having your own place is fun


No pants. No problem.

3. The real-world is not what it’s cracked up to be


Bills are horrendous and sometimes you miss home.

4. Cooking is harder than Mom made it look..


*Finds recipe*..”Oh, prep time is only 15 minutes!”

*2 hours later* “I’m just going to eat pizza rolls”

5. Wine is a cure-all

giphy (1).gif

And if you’re not into wine, I am sorry for your loss.

6. Caffeine is actually crack

giphy (2)

Whether it be tea or coffee, that morning fix is a must.

7. Dreams change

giphy (3)

The things you want at 18 are probably not going to be the same at 23, but embrace it. Change is good!

8. Dressing the way you want is definitely OK

giphy (4).gif

No, not everyone likes crop tops, or pencil skirts, or high-wasted jeans. If you feel like wearing brown and black together, do it. Slap on those crazy tights you’ve been dying to wear. Stay classy, but stay you. Dress for yourself, not anyone else.

9. Working 8am-5pm is the devil


Say goodbye to afternoon naps and sleeping late.

10. Not having homework is a God Send


It is awesome. There is little in life that offers a bigger sense of freedom than to have every night free from writing papers or having required reading.

11. RIP mid-week party activities


Because you have to be up 8am. And you had already planned on sitting on the couch and doing nothing all night.

12. That high-metabolism was actually awesome


It may not be gone, but it sure is slowing down. Now you need to start like, watching what you eat.. yuck.

13. Being spiritually grounded is a must

giphy (6).gif

Being spiritually grounded helps with stress and knowing what you want out of life. It puts the big picture in perspective. So if religion isn’t your thing, maybe try yoga or meditating.

14. You don’t stop learning after college


And you shouldn’t expect to. Learning is a life long journey and is crucial to staying relevant and educated.

15. Relationship commitment is terrifying, but also becoming a real possibility


Apparently 23 is the age where most people meet their spouse. So stop dating sucky, albeit hot AF, people. Don’t settle. Don’t conform to a type. This doesn’t mean you have to be ready to settle down. Have fun, but keep the future in mind.

16. You probably should have listened more to those financial conversations

giphy (7)

Because 401Ks and insurance policies are actually something you have to be concerned about now.

17. Being called ma’am sucks

giphy (8)

NO! Ma’am is what you call your mom and grandma, not a 23 year old who just asked you a question about which brand of butter is better for baking. I mean, I did forget to take my makeup off a few nights last week before bed, am I already getting wrinkles from it??

18. Being the youngest member on the workforce is both exhilarating and terrifying


A lot of your coworkers probably have a child or a grandchild your age, and they think you don’t know that much about the world. They will also look to you for new trends and innovative ideas. So, you win some you lose some.

19. Existential crises are common


You will undoubtedly have several of these, but don’t worry, they are fleeting. You’ve got time to figure yourself out.

20. Exercising and eating healthy are probably things you should be doing


Because, you know, slowing metabolism. And the sooner you get into the habit of being healthy, the easier it will be later on..

21. You can’t change people


And you shouldn’t want to. They are who they are. If they aren’t your cup of tea, find someone who is. Accept people for who they are.

22. Regret is overrated


Instead of wondering what you could have done differently, think about what you are going to do in the future. You can’t change the past, so get over it.

23. Life is bipolar, but ultimately GOOD


Regardless of all the heartache, pain, and stress that comes with growing older, life is kind of the best thing ever. There is always joy to be found and love to be had.

So embrace this golden era where your age is both a curse and a blessing.

Besides, no one likes you when you’re 23.

Stay Classy,



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