Part-Time Hustler to Full-Time Bustler

I’m three weeks into my new job–my first full-time job.

In case you were curious, I am trained in Public Relations and Marketing.

I started at MantelCraft, a Florence, AL based company that manufactures several home goods and building products. The company is factory based, but I have a nice new office with a fancy schmancy digital set-up.  One of my coworkers called me “Miss MantelCraft” and proceeded to pageant wave as I walked by. Instantly regretted wearing heels on the first day..But he brought me snacks, so I’m not complaining. It’s all in good fun.

Yes, I have worked well over 40 hours a week along the span of my college career, but they were mixed between 2 and 3 different jobs. I was hustlin’ between a hospital, a bank, a retail store, and an art association. Plus, add a few internships in there.

For the most part, my past jobs required little cognitive processing. Help the sick, cash the checks, fold the clothes. These aren’t exactly the most challenging positions to be had. I was working for the cash while I was working towards my degree.

Then that beautiful day came where I graduated. Oh sweet sound to my ears. NO MORE PAPERS, NO MORE REQUIRED READING, NO MORE EXAMS. I’m still living on the high of being free from an educational institution. Yes, I love to learn, but I like to do it on my terms.

So from a part-time hustler, I have become a full-time bustler.

40 hours. Same place. Same time. Everyday.

My desk and I are becoming well acquainted. We’ve already had two lunch dates together.

The keyboard is developing a crush on me because I can’t keep my hands off of it.

And don’t even get me started on what the phone thinks of me…that perv.

Starting any new job can be nerve wracking, but it’s even worse when the job description doesn’t exactly match what you are asked to do.

Que minor freak outs the day before I started, my first day, and the morning of my second day because I was feeling like a failure. I’m one of those weirdos who feels like they need to know how to do everything immediately and hates to disappoint a superior.

HOWEVER–after realizing I can’t learn how to do HTML coding for 11 websites in one day, and technical support for most sites is atrocious, I’ve calmed down. How in the world did I expect to know every single detail of what to do in the first few weeks on the job? Delusions of grandeur I suppose.

So “Fake it til’ you Make it” has become my mantra. 

But, alas, I love to learn, and I am always up for a challenge. Life wouldn’t be nearly as exciting if we went into every scenario knowing exactly what to do. I am getting to do some of the stuff I love as well. I’m delving into Adobe Creative Cloud headfirst, soaking in as much design practice as I can. I get to talk about becoming more customer-centric. My company is as eager as I am to apply innovative strategies and develop creative campaigns.

Plus, the dress code here is “Wear Whatever You Feel Comfortable In.” So, that’s not too shabby. *Immediately changes into jeggings*. They don’t care about my extra piercings in my ears, and I get complimented on my dark lipstick.

Sum of the story, don’t get discouraged…GET EXCITED. Even if the job may not be your dream job at first, who’s to say it won’t turn out to be? Or maybe it will lead to that big break you’re searching for one day.

Stay positive. Stay diligent. Stay calm.

It will work out.

Stay Classy,



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