I Don’t Know About You, But (YOU’RE) Feeling 22


Because I’m a super sappy girlfriend, and birthdays are a BIG deal, you get a blog post, Mr. Gowen (which no one will probably read, so it’s not too creepy).

So, with joy from your cradle-robber, shout out to you for being awesome.

Thanks for being hilarious and weird. Not many people can keep up with the awkwardness that is my life, but you haven’t done too shabby thus far. You embrace all of my goofy quirks, and you even sometimes join in. You put up with me when I’m being sassy and put me in my place when I’m being ridiculous. You’ve had my back for years and saved me from some pretty odd situations several times (you even brought me Oreos during my freak out..so you’re pretty much the best). You’re too cute for your own good, and I still think you’re trouble, but the best kind there is.

So, here’s some advice from your favorite has-been to make 22 your best year yet. 

Read, and read a lot. 

You know how I feel about reading. Literature helps shape who we are, so make sure you’re consuming amazing content. I know it’s hard to read in college, but take a breather and do it. It gives you a better perspective on where you’re going and what you want out of life.


(One of the best lines I’ve ever read)

Don’t get too caught up in your school work. 

Yes, make good grades, but you’re brilliant, so that comes easy to you. Don’t get overly consumed by school work. I promise in a year you will barely even remember your GPA, let alone a grade you made on some random PChem test.


Finish How I Met Your Mother…

and I promise I’ll finish Doctor Who. HIMYM honestly changed my life. I’m too obsessed, but for good reason.


Go on TONS of adventures.

Including sky-diving. And hiking the Appalachian Trail. And driving Route 66. And sneaking onto the service bridge. Or joining the army. Don’t be a pansy or afraid of time or money. You only get to live your 20s once, so freaking go big or go home. The rest of your life is waiting for you when you’re done.



You’ve never been on a plane, so change that. Go see the mountains and hike or ski. Go to Europe or Asia or New Zealand (and take me back if you go..I’ll hide in the luggage). Again, don’t worry about time or money. Both are fleeting, but your experiences and memories are not.


Start a bucket list. 

Keep track of all the adventures and travels you want to pursue by keeping a bucket list. It may seem lame, but it helps you remember all the amazing things there are to do in this world.


Don’t be a cheapskate. 

Be smart about your money, but remember to splurge. Want a new pair of boots? Buy them. Want to grab beer and pizza with your bros? Do it. You have the rest of your life to work and make money.


Stay up way too late with people who are way too awesome. 

Don’t be a grandpa. Go out with your friends and make crazy memories. I don’t care if someone says, “Nothing good ever happens after 2 a.m.” That’s a lie, and we both know it (I can name at least three specific instances where we have disproved this). So stay out too late. There’s caffeine to be had and wild stories to be told.


Take naps. 

This will help with the staying up way too late part. Besides, when you’re working 8a-5p for the rest of your life, naps are few and far between. So when you get a chance, grab one. Don’t sleep your life away, but, let’s be honest, naps are pretty bad ass.


Catch the feels. 

Don’t be afraid to get all up in your feels. Not about girls (or guys if you change your mind), but about friends. Fall in love with them and make sure you spend as much time as possible together. This may be the last time you all live in the same town, so take advantage of it. Moving away sucks and talking on the phone is just not the same as hanging out on someone’s couch.


Branch out from the norm. 

Take chances. Don’t get caught up in a schedule. Trust me, you have the rest of your life to fall into a routine. Explore different taste in music, wine, food, hobbies, etc. Do something crazy. If you hate it, you never have to do it again.


Ultimately, You do You.

You’re pretty amazing, and don’t let anyone ever tell you differently. Do what you want to when you want to and don’t ask questions. Can’t make a decision? There are always coins to be flipped.

Do it

Cheers to the best year of your life! I know you’ll make it memorable.

Stay Classy,

Ol’ Sav (yes, you are allowed to call me this because it’s your birthday)


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