Dating Advice: Put That Thing Away

Yea. I said it. Put that thing back in your pants where it belongs.

It’s not even that big anyway.

It’s rude to just whip it out on a whim. This is not what they signed up for when they said yes to hanging out.

Oh, I’m referring to your cellphone, in case you were curious.

We’re all guilty. We go out to dinner with someone and put our phones right on the table. Instead of talking to each other and looking one another in the eye, we stare at our phones, consequently only halfway listening to the person who we are giving our time to.

NEWS FLASH: If snapchat, texting or Instagram is more interesting than the person you’re spending time with, maybe you should find someone new. Because you both deserve someone that wants to hang out with you not their cellphone.

I’m not saying it’s not ok to look at it every once in a while or respond to a text, but our dating culture is already so misconstrued that most people no longer realize the true meaning of quality time. 


If a person is taking time out of their day to spend it with you, they want to see your eyes, not a washed out, lit up face staring at a screen.

Do you want to hold their hand or a piece of technology? Your choice. I guarantee kissing a pair of lips is more fun than cuddling up to a screen.


Now, if you want to play with your cellphone while we are hanging out or on a date, this basically means I’m dating you and your phone. So I better be getting two gifts every holiday. And double dessert….Maybe just do that anyway.

Cellphone usage during dating can be detrimental to relationships. Not only does it take away from your quality time, but it can also spark insecurities. “Who’s he/she texting?” “Are they even interested in me?” “Am I really so boring that they have to stare at their phone?”….This can be the turning point in a relationship. Do you want yours to succeed?


So, you can whip it out and have some alone time with it when you’re not  on a date. If you care about the person you’re dating, do them the courtesy of switching that thing to vibrate and stuffing it away. I promise it will make them like you even more. And who doesn’t love a smitten date?

Stay Classy,



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