The Best Things to Do in Fall, Y’all

Spring is beautiful and fresh, Summer is warm and sunny, and Winter can be lovely with a dash of snow.

But Fall, y’all, is awesome! Not too cold, not too hot. You get the comfortable weather without all the allergies of Spring. And did I mention all the beauty of nature during this season change? Wow.

While soaking in all the amazingness that is Fall, you may forget some of the best things to do during this season. So, here’s a reminder.

Play in the Leaves

You’re never too old to haul off and jump into a pile of crunchy leaves.


Pumpkin Picking

Take a friend, a kid, or your S.O. It’s fun, and hey, perfect photo op.


Sip on Warm Beverages

Hot chocolate, cider, or even the PSL you love so much. Drink your calories. You have awesome sweaters to cover up the extra weight.



It’s worth the smell you have after you leave. It’s a perfect (and inexpensive) way to have a get together. So grab your favorite people and pumpkin beer and get toasty.


…and S’mores

And while you’re at it, grab some ‘mallows and make some s’mores. Because they’re delicious, and it’s socially acceptable to eat that much sugar at a bonfire.


Go Hiking

Go on an adventure. Strap on your boots and hit the woods. The foliage is stunning and it’s a great way to get some exercise without actually focusing on working out. Because, let’s be honest, you need to work off those s’mores from last night.


Watch some Football

Born and raised in the South, we all know fall means football. So whether you go tailgating or hit the couch for the game, grab some friends/family and get excited for your team. There’s nothing wrong with a little competitive energy!



Because who doesn’t love holiday themed candy and getting to play dress up? So strap on your cheesiest, nerdiest, cosplay outfit and hit the town. This is one of your few chances as an adult where it’s socially acceptable to act like a child.


Bake it Up

Fall is the season of pies, cakes, and cookies. Heat up the caramel and dip some apples in it. Roll out the dough and make a homemade apple or pumpkin pie. Calories? Psh. Again, big sweaters are here for you.



You don’t need a romantic partner for this (but Kudos if you have one). Grab your puppy, kitten, best friend, or kids and cuddle the heck out of them. The crisp weather is perfect for this activity.


Watch All the Classic Fall Films

And while you’re spending all your time cuddling, pop in some of the classic Fall films we all know and love. Halloweentown, Nightmare Before Christmas, Hocus Pocus, Good Will Hunting, or Dead Poet’s Society. Whatever floats your boat. Binge it up guys.


Star Gaze

The bugs have gone back to the depths of hell where they belong, so grab a blanket and some hot chocolate and go check out the stars. It’s a good excuse to cuddle, and the sky is stunning.


Go on a Fall Picnic

Because the air is crisp and fresh, throw on that cute scarf, grab some delicious food, and go hang out outside. Enjoy the beauty of Fall while it lasts.


And of course… Fall means Thanksgiving is slowly approaching…need I say more.


Stay Classy,



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