Words of Gratitude to my Big Sister

Thank you.

I don’t say it enough.

Thank you for always being my partner in crime. It says a lot that you never judge me. I can tell you everything. You know ALL of my secrets–the good, the bad, the ugly. You give the best advice (even if I don’t always listen to it). You always have my back when it’s covered in knives from others, and you help me meticulously remove each one.


Thanks for fighting with me and teaching me that I can’t always have things my way. You were the responsible one so that I got to be the wild child. On that note, thanks for being the wild teenager so that I could learn from your mistakes. Those are some of the best lessons in life I have ever had. They have undoubtedly saved me from heartbreak and hardships, and for that I am forever grateful.

Thank you for giving me the two most beautiful children to love. You have taught me how to be a wonderful mother. Being an aunt has changed my perspective on life and opened my eyes to so many things.  If you are half as good an aunt as you are a mother, my future children will be beyond blessed.


Thank you for teaching me limits. Limits on anger. Limits on alcohol. Limits on love. The list goes on. You taught me that I am in control of my own life. You always said, “No one makes you get angry, happy, sad, etc. — it is a personal decision.” And sis, you’ve never been more right; however, you also taught me how to care. And care deeply.

Thank you for teaching me that family is everything. Of all the drama, drugs, and demons our family has faced, you have taught me that above all else, they are our family and you help family. This does not mean to enable poor behavior, but when they hit rock bottom and are ready to regain their life, you grab the stick of glue and get to putting the pieces back together.

Thank you for being you so that I could learn how to be me. I always wanted what you had. You always knew that we were complete opposites, but you loved me anyway. As we got older, I realized how different we were, but that was a good thing. We were never compared. You were able to show me that I can be whoever I wanted to be. I know you never expected to be handed a girly, crazy, extroverted smart ass, but you get what you get. Who would have ever thought we’d be best friends?

Thank you for thinking I’m funny. Not many people do. You laugh at my stupid puns and ridiculous voices. You think it’s funny when I get a little sassy and ghetto. Honestly, knowing that I can make you laugh makes me happy. Being able to cheer you up and make you smile lets me know that I can be there for you when you need me too.

Thank you for supporting me. In school. In work. In the ups and downs of love. In everything. Thank you for eating junk food and watching movies with me when I’m feeling down, because you know that’s my go to fixer for a bad mood. Thank you for dancing (or rather watching me flail around) with me when I’m way too hyper and happy for my own good. You honestly think that I can do anything and everything I set my mind to. Your plans for me have always been great and pointed towards success. You truly believe in me and think that I am wonderful, but little do you know, I learned from the best. And by the best I mean you.

Seester, you’re awesome. I can honestly never thank you enough.


Stay Classy,

Savannah M.


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